Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Don’t pack up and go home after you’ve shot that beautiful sunset. There are still plenty of things to shoot! Grab a tripod, a fast lens and start looking.


For this photo of Stage Center, I got up in a parking garage across the intersection with a tripod, a 35mm lens on a Canon 6D, set at iso 200 f8 and exposed for 20 secs. The power was off at Stage Center, so when I exposed for it, the rest of the surroundings were overexposed, creating an almost infrared looking effect.

img_2542Night downtown

I came across this shot along Broadway walking back from Deep Deuce and didn’t have a tripod with me, so I improvised finding a strong pole to brace the camera against. Canon M5 with Kodak Extar 24mm movie lens at f1.9 iso 400 1/4 sec. The lens doesn’t cover the entire frame, hence the heavy corner vignetting. Do yo like the color or black and white better?

Festival of the Arts

While I had planned on shooting this photo of the Festival of the Arts from the roof terrace at OKCMOA, I had been walking around the festival for a couple hours, so I didn’t carry a tripod. To steady this 1/2 sec. exposure, I sat the camera on the granite railing around the terrace. Rock steady! I used the Canon M5 with a Rokinon 12mm lens at f8 iso 200.

Plaza District

Sometimes light happens and you just go with whatever you have. I came out of an assignment at Lyric in the Plaza District to find it had just rained. I had a Canon M5 with the trusty 22mm lens and exposed at iso 800 f2 1/200 sec. hand held without bracing myself against anything, which is why I used a higher shutter speed. With APS-C chip, your depth of field is wider than full frame, allowing me to get most of the image sharp even at f2. Careful standing in the street! While pedestrians have the right of way, if they don’t see you, it won’t matter!


Outdoor movies are cool, but it has to be dark to watch them! I was shooting my Canon M5 at iso 1600 with the 22mm lens, and waiting for the best balance of the crowd, buildings and screen. This exposure was 1/80 sec f2. Thanks to the miracle of Photoshop, I was able to bring the screen down to match the rest of the frame. Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Keep shooting!


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