Paseo PhotoFest

PhotoFest is a photography only juried show put on by the Paseo Artist Association every year. Photographers are limited to three entries. I am fortunate this year to have all of my entries accepted for the show. The show opens this week at the Paseo First Friday Art Walk at the Paseo Art Space and will be up for the month of September.

About my entries…

“Bison” was photographed at the Tall Grass Prairie near Pawhuska, just before the sun set. I was using my Canon M5 and the EF-M 55-200 6.3 lens (to keep my distance!) which is a rather slow lens for me. To keep the iso low, I used a slow shutter and panned with the bison as he walked toward the sun. For the show it, is an 11×14 wrapped canvas print.

“Dancers” was done during a practice at OKC Ballet. The soft daylight balanced window light became a beautiful blue as I had a Canon 5D set for tungsten light which is what illuminated the dancers. Mounted on the camera was a 24mm tilt/shift lens. I used that lens to “throw” the plain of focus at an angle to the chip, causing the extreme focus extremes within the frame. It too is an 11×14 canvas wrap print.

“Ferris Wheel” is the third photo. It is a slow shutter horizontal blur of the Wheeler District Ferris Wheel. I used an 80D with a 70-200 2.8L and a shutter speed of around 2 seconds and panned the camera horizontally during the exposure. I played with the orientation and settled on a 90 degree counter-clockwise rotation for the image. It is the first image I have had printed on metal, and the results are eye popping! It is 12×12 borderless.

The prints are all for sale, as is everything in the show, with the commission going to the PAA. Each are available for $175.

I hope you can stop by this Friday, I’l be there around 7:00 for the announcement of the awards, or sometime during September.


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