Stop the Car!

One thing I have slowly learned, is if you see a photo while driving around, stop the car and get it. Don’t make an excuse for yourself. It will never happen the same again. Especially with sunsets.


Tonight, heading home, as I went through an intersection and looked west I saw a car top a hill against a nice Oklahoma sunset.

I pulled into a drive and then headed back to the intersection and parked in a lot at the corner, dug out a Canon M5 and mounted my Canon FD 400 4.5 lens on it. Set my iso to 400, used AE mode and set the aperture on the lens to f8 and then set the compensation dial  to -1 stop exposure. Then walked into the intersection to capture the next few cars and trucks as they crested the hill.

When standing in the street I always try to stay at the center lines separating the cars traveling opposite directions. That way I can take a step either way for an approaching car.

As I was getting back to my car, a pickup pulled up with the window being rolled down. I expected an owner or manager of the property asking me what I was doing, (it’s happened many times) but it turned out to be a man who saw me taking photos as he drove by and was curious what I was taking a photo of while standing in the street with a long lens. With the miracle of digital, I was able to show him what I had just captured and he complimented me on the photos. Then he told me he had just come from Remington Park where starlings were roosting all over the cars in the lot instead of wires or trees as normal, and showed me video. Darndest thing I’ve seen lately!

The exchange of visuals between strangers. What a great time to be a photographer.

Stop the car.



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